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Larry, Maryann & Brianna Cerullo
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Breeders of beautiful Miniature Horses.

updated February 9, 2015

Gorgeous Miniature Horse and Arenosa Shetland Pony Stallions at Stud.  Miniature Horses and Ponies of all ages for sale













marefoal.gifWelcome to Miniature Ventures, a family run business and personal passion where we breed beautiful, show quality  Miniature Horses and Miniature Shetland Ponies of pedigree.

Our goal as Miniature Horse and Pony  breeders is to create athletic little horses of natural action with breathtaking heads and a clean throat latch. To assist in accomplishing the mission of continually improving the Miniature Horse and Shetland breed, our herd includes some of the finest examples in the industry.
Our herd of Miniature Horses are registered with the American Miniature Horse Association where we are proud to be lifetime members, the American Miniature Horse Registry and/or The American Shetland Pony Club.  Certain horses are registered with all three!

Brinehi2a.jpg All of our foals are imprinted at birth. Our mares are given individual care and even our stallions are gentlemen. We believe that breeding not only for excellent conformation is important, but breeding a Miniature Horse or Pony with a loving personality is as well. 
We have been breeding and showing Miniature Horses since 1990. Prior to that time we had little horse experience at all. We fell in love with Miniature Horses at the Oregon State Fair and spent a year researching the little equines prior to buying our first one. Through  the network of Miniature Horse breeders we met over the years we learned much about horses and miniatures in particular. We realize, however, there is so much more to learn and we avidly seek out new people and reading materials to educate us further. 
We have branched out from the "mini horses" and have added to our herd historical bloodlines of Shetland Ponies. We have magnificent representatives of each in both breeds and our breeding program's focus remains on producing the very best small equine in conformation temperament and athleticism. 
Miniature Ventures offers the unique service of providing specialty transportation for Miniature Horses and Ponies. Please click on "Transport" to learn more on how we may assist you in this area.


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