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Favorite Places

This page is where you'll find lots of links to the kind of stuff Maryann, Larry, and Brianna are interested in. Not all of them are horse-related but will reflect friends, interests, and passions.  Let us know if you'd like to be included.  All we ask is a link to be placed on your site back to us.













Scott Creek Farm:  One of the premier miniature horse ranches in the United States.  Joanne and Larry, our mentors, consistently produce some of the top show quality AMHA miniatures to be found on the planet. This is also the place to find many articles specifically dealing with miniature horses including health, reproduction and showing.

A Touch of Wyoming:
  Registered Shetland Ponies featuring 100% Arenosa bloodlines as well as high quality Australian Shepherds. Mel and Dorothy (may she rest in peace) Broadhead have collected and produced incredibly beautiful Arenosa and Arenosa-bred ponies for many years.  We are proud to be called their friends.

Morphs by Rav:  What's a morph?  A smooth progression of one image slowly blended into another. Check out Russ's website for an inexpensive, playful and unique piece of art using YOU as the main subject (or whatever else you want that main subject to be).  THIS is a morph!

Sunriver Astronomy Shop:  Larry's OTHER passion is the night sky and astronomy.  Here's a place to buy all sorts of gear for astronomy-related activities at prices BELOW manufactured advertised prices (although prices listed are MAP pricing). 

Oregon  Observatory at Sunriver: 
This is where Larry spends his time when he's not on the ranch.  It's a wonderful destination to visit when coming to Central Oregon to see our herd or just when you are vacationing.  There is a small natural history museum,  live animals, a self-guided nature trail, and a world class Astronomy Observatory open to the public for viewing the sun during the day and the night sky in the evenings. The Nature Center is open year round and the Observatory is open nightly during the summer months and selected nights during the Fall, Spring and Winter.

Lil Beginnings Miniature Horse Forum:
  A wonderful chat board for new miniature horse, pony and even mini donkey owners--and experienced breederes alike.  Expect a wide range of experiences and opinions from members all over the world.

Energy Healing/Crystals: 
Debs/Sage has been a friend of Maryann's for several years.  They share interests in Reiki Healing and other "alternative" thoughts and practices.

Animal Communicator/Reiki Master Bonnie Fogg:
  Bonnie is a Reiki Master and Maryann received her 2nd Level Reiki Certification through her.  Bonnie is also an amazing animal communicator and has done several Readings for us over the years.

A Stable Business/Establo:
Sadly, Sandy is deceased.  I don't know the status of her ranch at all.   :(      Sandy Nicolls is a longtime friend in the miniature horse industry.  Maryann and I became close with both Glenn and Sandy early in our career in miniatures.  Glenn is gone now but Sandy continues her ranch in Magnolia, TX.  She has one of the largest herds of double registered Arenosas in the world!  Sandy always has some of the top horses at the various nationals she attends.  Check out her site.  It's worth it! 

Blessed Are The Broodmares : by M. Phyllis Lose
:     This book is an invaluable guide to foaling, care of the brood mare and problems that might be encountered.  The first edition of this book was a bible for both Larry and Maryann through many years of foaling horses.  We still refer to it fairly often and have gifted it to several miniature horse breeders.  We love this book and it should be on EVERY breeder's bookshelf.

An incredible website to display your horses for sale as well as a place to buy horses of all breeds and disciplines.

Oak Bay Acres:  Sheryl Peterson is an active leader in the miniature horse industry here in the Pacific Northwest.  Sheryl has quite the eye for horses and has built a "to die for" herd of miniature equines.  Check out her site.

Crayonbox Miniatures:
  Kim Landis has put together an extremely educational photo log of the fetal development of miniature horses.  The log is a compilation of photos sent to her by miniature breeders from all over.  This site is well worth checking out.

Family Partners Welsh Ponies:
  I've known Gretchen and Gary for many, many years.  I've watched Gretchen grow in the Welsh Pony World.  Gretchen and her family have imported some of the finest Welsh ponies on the planet including Wedderlie Mardis Gras LOM/AOE,   the 2010-20121 WPCSA Stallion of the Year and multiple grand champion sire.   Just to look at beautiful ponies this is certainly a page you want to bookmark and visit frequently.

Lefty's Stable: Another great horse classified website where you can buy and sell all breeds of horses and horse trailers.  Lefty's Stable offers free and very inexpensive ads ($5.00 for six months) that include photos.  There is space for blogging and a chat board as well.

Play Horse Ranch  This is a new to us miniature horse ranch in Sherwood, OR.  Carolyn Trent does a great deal of outreach with her miniatures including barbeques, hospital visits, grand openings, and parties of all sorts.   Her miniature horse visits are fun and very affordable.  Check out Carolyn's new website and ENJOY!