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This is what started it all.  Nestucca Squaw's Mee TooMeeToo came from a herd on the Oregon Coast.  Her background is  all Soats and Dell Terras, Martys Minute Man x Soats Lil Squaw.  Those were names that were unknown to us but we knew we liked MeeToo, a LOT.  We picked Mee Too up as a yearling and brought her home in the back of our Bronco.  MeeToo was the first horse who ever bit Larry.  She was the first horse who ever won a ribbon for us.  She was born in 1990.  MeeToo's been with us a long time and we can't imagine life here on the ranch without her.  She's given us a number of beautiful babies since 1993 and Maryann continually wants to retire her.  But MeeToo wants to be a mom!  Currently we have Mee Too with a foal by her side, a daughter, Cygnet, and a grandaughter, Deneb, all with us on the ranch.  MeeToo's distinctive tobiano markings have been extremely strong in her produce (except, of course, for her current year foal who is dapple gray) but she does have a star and a snip!  We look forward  to having MeeToo with us for a good, long time. She and Rider, below, are the only horses left from our original herd.




K C's Nightrider is Larry's gelding.  He was a gift to Larry on his 40th birthday.  Larry's old now and Rider is even older!  Rider's bloodlines are all Northwest:  Heermann's Peter x  Heerman's Windy.  Rider was born in 1985 and this photo was taken on Dec 8, 2008.  Prior to coming to Miniature Ventures, Rider was owned and trained by Nicky Gunther (a teenage girl at the time) and Nicky delivered Rider with a boatload of championships to his name.  Rider taught us a lot about horsemanship, halter showing and driving.  In fact, Rider was the first horse Larry ever harnessed and every time Larry made an error, Rider would turn and look at him, basically telling him how dumb he was.  Rider made sure Larry knew how to do it right!  Like Mee Too above, it seems like Rider has been with us forever and we hope he hangs around for quite a while longer.


scan from registration papers

Bond Brown Betty

Betty is one of our best miniature mares.  Betty is a daughter of Bond Showboy  x  Bond Fan Tan.  Direct daughters of Showboy are rare and she is a gorgeous example of what Showboy produced.  Betty is a bay mare with lacing on her back and has produced several National Champions.  We have had many beautiful foals from Betty including a Raider son who we will be introducing soon.  We had hoped Betty was carrying a late Raider foal but unfortunately, she isn't.  She is bred for 2009 to our Raider son, MiniV Raiders Jeffrey's Pride.

MiniV Raiders Whisper

is a 32 inch 2004 daughter of Sooner States Raider Light x Bond Brown Betty.  She inherited all her movement from Raider.  She is almost the spitting image of her dam, Betty.  Her huge eyes and expressive face will cross well with our Alamos Bay Escapade stamping the Buckeroo/Locomotion look onto the marvelous Bond face. The foals Whisper has should be quite the movers.  We had originally planned to sell Whisper with a breeding but since her sire is no longer with us, it makes sense for us to keep her in our herd.  Whisper is registered AMHA and AMHR.


Tatoos Lady Slipper

(Tanyas Little Tattoo x Anns Jewell) was purchased from Lucky Four Farm in North Carolina.  Slipper is another of our finest mares and is one of the few ever bought at an auction.  Larry remembers bidding against Ray Zorcher of Windflight Farms in Texas.  Ray thought she had great legs.  Larry just thought she was a fine mare who would cross well with Raider.    He was right, too.  Slipper has produced THREE driving machines and halter champions that have been shown extremely successfully including, MiniV Raiders Pendragon, MiniV Escapades Slip of Lightening and MiniV Raiders Toulouse.  In December, 2008, Slipper is carrying the last Raider baby ever to be born.  Fingers crossed!

Bepettons Steel Magnolia

Maggie is a magnificent mare Larry transported three times. Larry brought her as a baby from Texas to California.  Then, as an over-sized yearling, he brought her back to Texas.  On that trip, she bit Larry and kicked him hard enough to bruise and cut his ankle. He fell in love with Maggie on that return trip (in spite of her abuse) and negotiated with her owner to buy her and bring her back to Oregon.  That was trip number three for Maggie.  Poor thing ended up driving about 3000 miles in a week's time but she won't leave Miniature Ventures now.  Maggie has wonderful bloodlines, Ashley Acres Bruzzies Silver Feather (a tiny stallion --25 3/4 inches)  x  NFC Peppys Rose, (a son of Bond Peppy Power).  Maggie has matured at 34 inches and we've only used her in our Arenosa breeding program and she has given us GORGEOUS foals who are real movers sired by both El Dorado and Poco. Two of Maggie's foals are listed on the sales page...the 2007 filly, Estrella de Pascua and a 2008 palomino and white colt, MiniV Pocos Amerigo -- both sired by Poco.  Maggie's foals sired by the Arenosas will all be AMHR registered.



Miniv Bay Brianna

Bay Brianna is our daughter's ( Brianna) mare.  She was born four hours after Bri.  Her dam, Tatoo's Lady Slipper was bred to her sire, Tatoo, and we purchased Slipper bred.  Turned out that Bay Bri, Lady Slipper and Lady Slipper's dam all have the same stallion in their bloodline.  So, Bay Brianna is extremely inbred. Unfortuantely, and we're not sure this is related, two of the foals we know of produced by Bay Bri have died. The third was "stolen" and we have no idea where he is (his name was Rapper).  Fingers crossed for this little girl, Jewel. 

Lucky Four Links Love Affair

Lovie is a dear little mare who has produced many wonderful babies for us (she and Raider were a great cross). She's one of two appaloosas we have on the ranch.  A blanketed, chestnut Appy, Lovie is like a cat -- affectionate when she wants to be. She's bred to a Raider son, MiniV Jeffrey's Pride for 2009.


MiniV Raiders Red Terra

Terra is a wonderful little mare who we have placed into our pony breeding program.  Terra, as a weanling, was named champion in her only horse show. She was born brick red and over time turned into a dark chestnut some and then developed the appy blanket.  She's a daughter of Love Affair, above, and our beloved Raider.  She also is the dam of GABRIEL, our three-legged star. The photo to the right is of Terra and her day old 2008 colt, a son of A Classic Touch Poco de Echo.



Alamos Snowmans Blue Ice

Ice is a pretty special and magnificent little mare.  She is perlino, friendly, curious, and a pocket pet.  She is a rare grand daughter of Lord of the Isles.  Ice has produced only buckskin  and palomino foals for us.  We have incorporated her into our pony program, breeding her to A Classic Touch Poco de Echo.  The filly in the photos, Hiela, is an example of what she produces.


Ice Cream is a four year old mare this year born in 2005.  Her sire was our Sooner State Raider Light and her dam is our wonderful Alamos Topaz Ice, a perlino mare and grand daughter of Lord of the Isles (pictured above). 

Ice Cream inherited all of her sire's movement, was raised as a pocket-pet by our daughter Brianna and is bred for a 2009 foal to Alamos Bay Escapade, our Locomotion son.  We had intended to sell her but her sire's bloodline is important to us and this cross with Bay Escapade is something we look forward to.