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Pony Herd

In the late 1990's, Maryann and Larry branched out from pure AMHA miniature horses to a special bloodline of Shetland Ponies call the Arenosa bloodline.  This was in a large part because of Cheryl Wilson of Bristol Pony Farm in New Ulm, TX.  Cherry was a long time breeder of Welsh Ponies and is known internationally for her bloodline of Welsh Ponies.  Cherry was very friendly with Audrey Barrett, a classic Shetland breeder and was ultimately involved in the herd dispersal of her ponies after Mrs. Barrett's death.  Cherry had a sizeable herd of ponies she acquired from Mrs. Barrett and Larry hauled more than a few away from Bristol Pony farm to points all over the United States. The story of the Arenosa pony is told in detail in several places on the internet, especially here at A Touch of Wyoming's website

The Arenosa bloodline of Classic American Shetlands was developed by Mrs. Barrett primarily using Kewpie Doll's Oracle, a son of Hillswicke Oracle, argueably one of the most influential stallions in the breed and a national champion in hand and harness.  Oracle's sons, Kewpie's Topper of Arenosa and Kewpie Doll's Diablo were the foundation of the Arenosa Classic Shetland of today.  Mrs Barrett ruthlessly line bred her herd to produce a "look" that is unmistakeable, a "movement" that is nothing less than exquisite, and a conformation that is hard to beat.  Most Arenosas produced by Mrs. Barrett were in the 40" range, which is a near-perfect Shetland height.  Some of Mrs. Barrett's Arenosas were small enough to register into AMHR and those are the ones we are focusing on at Miniature Ventures.  We have a few 100% Arenosas which we are careful to keep that way and we have several AMHR mares who are 50% Arenosa or more which we are breeding to our Arenosa stallions.  We are also crossing some of the best bloodlines in the miniature world, namely Bond and Rowdy bred mares, with our Arenosa stallions and creating foals that are unmistakenly Arenosa with their looks, movement, and conformation.. 

The elegance of a 35 to 37 inch tall Classic Arenosa Shetland is wonderful.  They are strong, intelligent animals who have an Arab demeanor.  They make wonderful show horses, riding ponies, cart horses and just great friends.


ponyherd/kewpiedollsdiablo.jpg                                                                                  ponyherd/kewpiestopperofarenosa.jpg
                                                                                                                   Kewpie's Topper of Arenosa

If you are interested in this bloodline, which is still dominating the National Champion Show Scene, contact us.  Any Arenosa or Arenosa bred horse we have shown has been a champion!  We have affordable offspring of all ages available.

Bristol Chispa was our first Arenosa mare.  We purchased her from Cherry Despain Wilson back in 1998.  Chispa is a Lasca daughter and her conformation, look, movement and demeanor is everything we could ask for in a pony.  Chispa has given us many gorgeous foals.  Sadly, her 2008 foal, a 100% Arenosa filly, died suddenly of pneumonia before she was weaned.  Her daughter, Diamonte, pictured below is still here on the ranch and is a multiple champion mare.  Ponies like Chispa don't come around very often.  We hope that we can produce another that is at least similar to her for our future breeding program.


MiniV Dorado's Diamonte is quite a piece of work as Maryann would say.  A daughter of our El Dorado and Bristol Chispa, she is the ultimate pony.  Unfortunately, she doesn't like Larry much but has a great deal of trust in both Maryann and Amy, her co-owner.  Dee is a multiple champion  and she is an extremely athletic mare who loves to run and jump. She would do well in harness with her natural high stepping gate.   She should be shown more but we don't have a handler who can take her.  Dee is gorgeous and catches everyone's eye who comes by here to visit.  We plan to breed her this year to A Classic Touch Poco de Echo.  That should be some baby! 


A Classic Touch Kewpie's Flame is a favorite mare around Miniature Ventures.  She is a curious, loving little girl who would rather be in your pocket than anything else.  Flame has given us several lovely foals bred to our El Dorado including the colt pictured to the right, a 75% Arenosa.  Flame is our "cover girl"  in the background of our first page on this website.  That photo is called "Mother's Day" and was taken this year with her colt Pino Colado. 

Flame is bred to A Classic Touch Poco de Echo this year, a line breeding.  With a bit of luck, Poco will stamp a lot of his good features on the foal.


A Classic Touch Princesita is 100% Arenosa.  She's a gorgeous mare sired by our A Classic Touch Poco de Echo. At the moment, we have no good photos of "Cita".  Her first foal, sired by our Bristol El Dorado, is almost the spitting image of her...a sorrel and white pinto filly...also 100% Arenosa.  We promise, as soon as the weather breaks, to have photos of both of them here.

Cita is a mover.  She has yet to learn to trust us here even though we've had her since she was wee.  Usually, when we try to handle her, we see her move...quickly in the other direction. This is a trait that many Arenosas have...they have to learn to trust their owners and handlers.  Once that bond is made, it is never broken.

Cherry-Hill Blue Eyed Miracle is a skittish mare who is 50% Arenosa.  She is a grand daughter of FWF Kewpie's Charro of Arenosa and a daughter of Flaby's Mr. Chips, the sire of a multiple supreme AMHA champion and best all around horse (Flabys Supreme).  We've had Blue-Eyes since she was a yearling.  She is like a cat and is affectionate when she wants to be. BUT, she produces lovely babies who are usually wildly marked like Fiero in the photo to the left.  She is bred for a 2009 foal sired by A Classic Touch Poco de Echo and is already in her last trimester in January 2009.  Note the current photo on the right.

ponyherd/mistypony1.jpg A Pony Connection Misty Rose is another marvelous mare and a special one, too.  This little girl came to us in a trade because her owner and she didn't get along.  It was only AFTER the trade that we discovered she was 50% Arenosa.  As far as we're concerned, this trade was "golden".  Misty is a magnificent mare.  She's on the tallish side, nearly 38 inches, and looks like she should have a saddle on her back.  Misty is a dark chestnut pinto mare.  We've bred her several times to our El Dorado and every foal has been sturdy and a moving machine.  The colt on our fun photo page named Mr. Chips getting ready for a parade is her first baby.  She's had two more and this year's foal is one of the best. Moondust, on our sales page,  is a filly who is one of the prettiest we've ever had.  Misty is open this year because of foaling so late last summer but she will be introduced to A Classic Touch Poco de Echo early this spring.  His get with her should be extremely refined.

ponyherd/bunny1_sept07.JPG  Rabbit Hutch Ranch Buckeroo Gal is another mare who came to us in a trade.  She is an AMHA/AMHR mare who was sired by a Boone's Little Buckeroo son and a FWF Kewpies Charro of Arenosa daughter.  She is only 32" tall!  Both Charro and Bunny's dam are AMHA/AMHR/ASPC registered.  We've had Bunny on our sales list for some time.  She's bred to A Classic Touch Poco de Echo for her first foal this year.  The foal will be a 75% Arenosa. Chances are, once she has that foal, we'll be removing her from the sales list for a long time. 


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