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Larry, Maryann & Brianna Cerullo
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 We have been breeding miniature horses and ponies since 1991.  Most of that period, we've had a herd of at least 50 horses and sometimes more than double that.  With so many horses, we've encountered many problems and situations with various members of our herd.  We've had many successul foalings, but sadly some dystocias or wrecks. We've had horses go lame, get depressed, go off their feed, stop drinking, lose weight, gain weight, come down with infections, have parasites, and so on.  Our beloved veterinarian, Tony Oddo DVM of High Desert Veterinary Clinic was our stalwart guide through many of these predicaments. Your veterinarian is your first defense for many situations your horse can get into.  We aren't veterinarians here but we do have lots of experience.  Doctor Tony once told us that we had gone through more things with our herd than most full-size horse breeders ever see in a lifetime.  He has a new house that we contributed greatly towards building (smile).  Generally, miniature horses and ponies are strong little animals that are tough and rarely get sick or have problems.  Unfortunately, they ARE horses, however, and if a horse can get into trouble, they will. The links below are links to situations we have experienced and some of the solutions we have used.  There are also tips and advice for new owners and breeders.  There are also some bits of advice on trailering your horses based on 4 million miles of Larry moving horses around the United States.  These thoughts and ideas are NOT definitive answers, they are just what we do and are gleaned from our experiece.  IF you have a health problem with your horse, CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN!