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Rest In Peace, our friends


Through the years we've been raising miniature horses, we've had the fortunate experience of becoming close to many of our horse friends through daily contact and handling.  Each horse has its own personality and individual characteristics. Sadly, over the years, we have lost several of our good buddies and friends.  They await us at the Rainbow Bridge.














raider2.jpg  Sooner State Raider Light
Wodan Light Van Huttenest x Ocalas Gidjet

"Raider" was our 29 inch red sorrel stallion and primary herd sire.  He had a tiny muzzle and typey head, extremely refined bone structure, straight legs, and amazing high action for his small size.  Raider passed on many of these characteristics.  Raider's get have all done extremely well over the years in the show ring and as sires and dams as well.  Raider was a historical stallion in every way.  In 2007, Raider died from internal injuries.  He was the backbone of our entire Miniature breeding program.  He was always there when we went to feed or work animals.  He was gentle, quiet and a stallion to the core.  He is missed.  Happily we have several young sons to carry on his work and to stamp future foals with his very special qualities.  Raider, we send you our love and miss you.


SRF Head Liner
Flying W Farms Chiquita Diablo x NFCs Spanish Dancer

Head Liner or "Hal" was a 28 inch black bay grandson of the renowned "Little Blue Boy" on his sire's side. Hal won many 28" and under championships.  He was our very first stallion who had a rough beginning here with several months of illness with colic surgery and a bout with salmonella.  We lost Hal in 2007 to colic, fifteen years after his first episode.  At the end of his life, he was a gelding and loaned to a friend's little girl as her first horse. He was quite the gentle man.



Bridget from her registration papers.
Roys Toys Snippets Bridget
Bond Snippet x Bond Weegie

"Bridget" was our first "powerhouse" mare.  An own daughter of the famous sorrel and white stallion, Bond Snippet, "Bridge" was another gentle, loving horse. She was the dam to many wonderful foals and did amazingly well in the showring as a junior mare.  Bridget is the story of courage and tenacity.  Bridget died from a twisted gut which occured during the birth of her last foal, Jeffie.  Bridget, in pain and dying, remained alive long enough to give her colt the life-giving colostrum and imprinting necessary for a baby horse.  When Jeff was two weeks old, Bridget passed over the Rainbow Bridge and left us with a delightful little colt.  Bridget's passing was tearful but she left us many memories.  Two of her daughters and one son (our little orphan boy, Jeffie)  remain with us at Miniature Ventures.



"Senőr" came to us in 2000.  He was a three year old 100% Arenosa shetland stallion when we purchased him. Larry knew Sen
őr from almost when he was a foal.  His life up to that point wasn't a happy one.  He lived in an enclosure with little or no human contact.  Larry was one of the few people who he trusted in the entire world.  The opportunity arose for us to buy him and we didn't hesitate.  Senőr needed to be rescued.  We bought him, gelded him and brought him home.  After spending a year here we took him to a trainer friend who taught him to be ridden and to trust others.  When Senőr returned, he became Brianna's first pony.  Bri spent many hours learning to ride Senőr and the rewards for both Bri and her pony, especially in 4-H horse were great. He became a favorite of many young riders.  Unfortunately Senőr broke his canon bone in the Spring of 2008 and it was irreparable.  We brought him home to be buried here on the ranch.


Mini V Dorado's Corbeta
Bristol El Dorado x Mini V Bay Brianna

"Corbeta" was a 2007 daughter of our 100% Arenosa Stallion, El Dorado and Brianna's namesake and mare, Bay Brianna.  Corbeta was a darling little 1/2 shetland filly with an exciting life in front of her.  Bri took special pride in Corbeta and showed her to a champion junior mare 2007's Oregon State Fair.  In November, 2007, Corbetta colicked and ultimately died in Larry's arms. That was a sad day here at Miniature Ventures.

MiniV Raiders Gabriel
Sooner State Raider Light x Miniv Raiders Red Terra

I have procrastinated writing this.  Gabriel died in September.  He was born in 2003.  He was our "star" and he knew it.  With three legs, he touched the lives of many, MANY people throughout the region, the country, the world.  Gabriel's life was one which was full of determination and courage in the face of adversity.  We love him dearly and miss his presence on the ranch.  He is no longer with us physically but he'll always be with us in our hearts and his example will touch us for ever.

A Classic Touch Princesita
A Classic Touch Poco de Echo x RHR La Princesa of Arenosa

Cita came to us a foal in 1993.  She was a young, vigourous mare who was a bit offish.  She however, was lovely, well conformed and produced a magnificent colt crossed with our El Dorado.  Sadly, she colicked and also came down with hyperlipemia, a combination that is grave and extremely difficult to recover from.  Cita will be missed greatly.  Losing her on Friday, November 13, 2009 was an extreme blow to our breeding program.

To all our lost animal friends, and any you may have lost, I offer this simple but powerful video as a memorial to them.