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At this time, due to health problems and the economy.   Larry is not transporting.  Please feel free to contact us about any transportation questions and know that we will be back on the road as soon as we can. With luck that will happen after the first of the year 2009.

In these days of high fuel prices (yes, diesel fuel is STILL expensive), the cost of transporting your animal is extremely high.  What once was a trip costing $500 is now more than double that price mostly based on the cost of fuel.  All horse transporters are trying to find the proper price point to move your horses economically and safely.  The best way for transporters to keep costs to the owners low is to have a full trailer.  Consequently, trips are either not as frequent or charges for excessive miles off the major interstates have been applied.  Please be aware that we try to keep the costs as low as possible.















Since 1994, Miniature Ventures has offered first class transportation for miniature horses at reasonable prices! As Miniature Horse, Shetland and Welsh owners and breeders, we saw a need for reasonable and high quality equine transport. The quality offered is a direct reflection of our years of experience as Miniature Horse owners and because  of that, we are able to give personal attention with an eye for transporting animals as if they were our own. As a matter of fact, our motto is "Once your horse is on the trailer it is ours until we deliver it."

Our main concern is the safety and health of your animal. Miniature horses and ponies have many needs on the road including lots of water, minimal stress, plenty of good quality hay, and lots of TLC. We offer them water throughout the entire ride. If the miniature horse or pony isn't a show animal, they have free choice orchard grass hay or whatever their own diet requires. We stop frequently and check and exercise the animals and have a closed circuit monitoring system that allows us to watch the animals while we are on the road. For longer trips, we allow the miniature horses or ponies up to eight hours rest and overnight stops if necessary at selected farms and fairgrounds throughout the country. 

Our trailer is modern and is designed inside for miniature horses and ponies. We have a fetish for ventilation and your horse or pony will have a space fitted to them that will allow plenty of fresh air. Every space in the trailer is cleaned and disinfected between animals and the entire trailer is disinfected after each trip. We transport weanlings and mares and foals with special consideration for their safety and needs.

Our hauling vehicle is a late model diesel Ford pickup  noted for its safety and reliability. In the unlikely event of an extended breakdown, we have a network of safe miniature horse layover spots throughout the country where the animals are safe and comfortably lodged.

Over the years, we have tried to add other vehicles and drivers to our operation with varying degrees of success.  The results have been mostly unsatisfactory for the customers and us.  Consequently, Larry is basically a one-man operation which means your horse will get his experience and his care.  The trip may take a little longer but between daily updates of where he is and the somewhat longer breaks because he is usually travelling alone, you will know where your horse is and know that it is in the best possible hands.

Brood Mares

We recommend that a pregnant miniature horse or pony be put on REGUMATE or be given a progesterone shot (the shot's effects last for about seven days) several days prior to the trip. We will maintain that dosage daily throughout the trip using our REGUMATE or yours and upon arrival it takes about three days to wean them off of the REGUMATE. It has been our experience that pregnant mares retain their babies more easily during the unavoidable stress of hauling if given the extra progesterone. There is a charge for giving your horse the REGUMATE whether it is ours or yours.

Health Care

We will give whatever shots or medications your miniature horse or pony needs during the trip. If the animal gets ill during the trip, we will notify you immediately and locate a veterinarian to check the animal if we or you deem it necessary. Remember, we treat your animal as if it is ours!


It doesn't matter if the trip is 100 miles or 3000 miles, traveling is stressful on a horse-- no matter what the breed. We give all of our miniature horses and ponies dosages of electrolytes because we are sure the animals are getting what they need then. It is always advisable to begin electrolyting your horse prior to having it travel. This will help reduce the stress from the beginning of the ride. On long trips, all our animals are exercised at least once daily. This helps eliminate stress as well. Of course, for the non-show horses, we keep them busy with free choice hay.
We also recommend that you put your horse on Gastro-guard or its equivalent.  This will help prevent ulcers which are so common for horses being transported because of the stressful nature of the change in the horse's life. As always, speak with your veterinarian.


All miniature horses and ponies need to have a current COGGINS and HEALTH CERTIFICATE prior to being loaded onto our trailer. We would prefer that all health certificates include the horse's temperature recorded on them. Several states require BRAND INSPECTIONS for horses to be transported within or going out of the state. It is also helpful to have a copy of your horse's registration included with your paperwork. NEVER send ORIGINAL REGISTRATIONS with your horse-- a copy is fine.


We will transport miniature horses and ponies to every state in the lower 48 states. We strive to have have regular once monthly trips across the country will connect with all states in-between! In the winter, we strive for safety in the snow belt and will plan routes accordingly. If the roads are at all dangerous, we'll stop until the ice or snow conditions pass.


Since 1994, we have moved horses for most of the major miniature horse and pony farms in the United States as well as many of the smaller farms and trainers as well.  We can provide references on request.

Please call 541-447-6870 or e-mail for price quote.

We invite you to call or e-mail if you have any questions, or wish to book your horse or pony for transport.

One of our customers writes:

"I have used Miniature Ventures for all of my pony transporting needs for several years. Not only are the prices extremely reasonable, but it is so wonderful to be able to ship my ponies with confidence, knowing that they will arrive in the best possible condition. I can always count on Larry to 'go the extra mile' for the pony's comfort and well being. I wholeheartedly recommend Larry to everyone and will continue to use Miniature Ventures for all of my hauling needs-- from weanlings shipped clear across the country to grown ponies going to the next state, I use Miniature Ventures exclusively!"

Gretchen Aitken
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